​​​In June 2013 the NPI family had the pleasure to look into activity at the home of a relative of one of our own investigators. The location had history of activity based on information supplied by our investigator and after we completed this investigation, we too are convinced something or someone is visiting this residence.

​​In this video we have Fluffy set up about 10 feet from were we are standing. As you will notice I have suggested once for yes and twice for no. Listen in and see what happens. We could not believe this either.

​​​​​​​​The following 7 videos were captured at the very historic and popular Bernie Legge Theatre in New Westminster B.C.

NPI has had the pleasure to investigate this location multiple times and every time we do something else happens that draws us back again and again.

​​​​​​​NPI always aim to have consistency during our questioning. One beep (or knock) for yes and two for no.  That being said, this video shows a possible response with one beep on our REM Pod. 

​​​​​The following three videos took place at a location that due to privacy policies, we can not say where these events took place. However, we can say it is a historical building owned by a historically well know group and the history goes back hundreds of years.

​​Now in this video that same investigator at first has no shadow. But as the video pans up you will note his shadow becomes visible. Why he had no shadow before had us question who or what was with us that night.

​​​This video shows one of our investigators sitting with his back to the wall. You will note that throughout this video he has no shadow.  But check out the next video.

​​​After one of our first investigations at the theatre, we found this little bit of video.

Maybe you can tell us if this could be part of the lady in white. 

​​​We thought the first shadow that crossed the stage was cool but then we found this. Once again what or whoever was there decided to show themselves.

Watch for the shadow that seems to flow across the back wall towards our founder sitting in back.

​​​​​​Video Evidence

This evp was caught on our video recording which allows us to point out a few things. First you will note fluffy the toy dog trigger device along with a vibration senser. What happens not only has a great personal reaction. It also triggers one of the two devices you see. Can you guess which one? 

PS: the video has been altered to remove swear words. This is the only alteration done.

​​​​We often use our REM Pod or our trigger device, a stuffed dog called Fluffy. In this clip the REM pod was at the back of the stage. Our Co-founder Nikki asks for two knocks in response to "shave and a hair cut".  Well it seems we got our answer. 

As the team moved throughout this residence, we decided to try our luck in the hallway. At the time we heard nothing, but later we found this EVP that sounds like someone say
​" I don't remember."

​​​We noted that shadow and found it to be very fast. So we decided to slow the video down. What do you think it was ?

​​​​This clip shows a shadow that moves very quickly across the screen from left to right.

​This also happened to correspond with a power drain and a cold feeling in the room. 

From time to time NPI comes across a residential invest that really does not show us allot. But then there are those that give more then we expected.

The NPI family has had many odd things happen during our investigations. Some have us say hmm while others have us saying cool. Then there are those that have the team left with nothing to say. This was one of them. Do you think we did what we were told?

Normally these would be under our EVP section, but being on video we felt it belongs here. As we all sat in the living room of this great high rise condo, we discussed what part of the residence we would do next. During this you can here someone say "All Together."

Sometimes we get an opportunity to look into a rare location. This one time was special. Not only was this historic but also a government run building. Now due to privacy agreements, NPI can not release the name or what part of the government it is connected to.  However we can say it was a lot more active then we thought. ​ 

This video we have enhanced due to the very dark quality and speed of video.  The blackness that passes over the table took place within a 1 sec time frame. It was captured on a DVR system during our visit.