​​​Northern Paranormal Investigations

​​​​​​​Northern Paranormal Investigations (NPI) was established in 2010. It all started when our Founder and Co-Founder Darryl Pearson and Nikki Peterson got together to create a group that has not only become one the most reputable investigation / research teams in B.C. but also a family.

​Over the years, NPI has added to its family and gained greater deal of insight into the paranormal realm and the unknown it incompasses. NPI's members have a wide range of thoughts, ideas and procedures on how to approach each of our investigations.

​During our family's 9+ years of being involved in the paranormal field, we have explored,  researched and investigated a wide array of locations. These include homes, businesses, historical and military buildings, cemeteries and back roads, to name but a few.

​Our team is always open to going wherever we are needed which has led to some very interesting occurrences.  These range from team members being brought to tears for no apparent reason, to one of our female investigators being slapped and touched awkwardly.  On one occasion one of our most skeptical members was sitting on a chair that was forcefully struck from beneath. Needless to say his skepticism was shaken.

​Through many years of hard work. NPI has had the pleasure to be accepted into one of the world's largest and most respected paranormal families, that being TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society. NPI covers the Vancouver Lower Mainland & the Lower Fraser Valley on behalf of the TAPS family. If you wish to know more about TAPS, please click the link at the top of our Welcome page.

​During our history we at NPI have come to one conclusion; that is, when it comes to the paranormal and unexplained, we don't assume anything and always expect the unexpected.

If you wish to learn more about us, please check out each of our biographies and some of our personal stories on our blog site. If you seek help with something paranormal or unexplained, please feel free to contact us.

We are here to help.

                                                  Thanks from the entire NPI Family!

​                                                                   ​Darryl Pearson


Northern Paranormal Investigations

​TAPS Family Member