• Lab - I am Shelby0:06

On behalf of all of us here at Northern Paranormal Investigations & the Vancouver Police Museum. 

We would like to give a big thank you to all the public that joined us during the public investigation. You were all awesome. 

We hope you and everyone else enjoys the reveal. Thanks again.

NPI :)

And finally just when we thought we caught nothing visual. We captured the following shadow. We have looked into this and thus far have not been able to explain it. Can you?

  • Lab - He's0:08

  • Lab - Stay in the front0:05

  • Lab - Shelby Marcie0:06

  • KH 10 - Lab - I'm not lost I see0:10

  • Autopsy Room - No0:13

  • Overflow - five0:06

  • Overflow - Not afraid of death0:06

  • Taking Chances2:24

  • Lab - The preist0:11

  • Lab - See me at the morgue0:06

                 EVP Found

         Vancouver              Police  Museum

      Public reveal

  • Overflow - I am a ghost0:07

We thought the EVP were cool as well. However we also caught some EVP on your video recordings as well. Here is what we have :)

  • Lab - No0:10