Mike is a Vancouver born and raised lad with a lifelong passion for things mechanical and electronic. An early fascination with science and science fiction and exploring new environments, led him to become part of a group of the youngest certified scuba divers in Canada. Researching and locating old ghost towns, metal detecting and gold prospecting are just some of the outcomes of his always curious, always learning mind. A sceptic by nature, but definitely not a closed minded one, he favors the more scientific methods of evidence collection. Designing, building or modifying detection equipment allows him to continue the quest for evidence that is, frankly, beyond normal.

Ken is originally from Vancouver B.C. He has been an investigator since 2009 and considers himself an open minded sceptic. Trained in the skills of problem solving, conflict resolution and pro-active listening, Ken brings a wide range of views and ideas to our investigations. He considers each investigation an opportunity to learn, and to possibly encounter the unexplainable. He particularly enjoys investigating historical locations. Ken hopes that working with NPI's skilled team, he will not only gain answers to the clients’ questions but answers to some of his own questions as well.


Mike was born and raised in “Supernatural” British Columbia, Canada. That’s right, while currently living in the Cloverdale community of Surrey, there aren’t many parts of BC that he hasn’t seen and that hasn’t shaped him into the man he is today. Mike’s interest in the paranormal stems from growing up to the likes of Ghostbusters and Scooby Doo, so it was only natural that he would one day become a paranormal investigator. In addition this fascination of that which can’t not be explained by science, he also has an equally satisfying interest and active hobby in photography. Mike is completely self-taught, aside from one year in high school that he almost failed because he couldn’t develop a roll of film. Mike likes to think outside the box and go by his own set of rules. He also likes to take that same approach to investigating the paranormal, which makes him a great addition to the NPI team. As for the nickname? Well you’ll just have to ask him that story yourself. 


Gord is originally from England and grew up in Langley, British Columbia. He considers himself an “open minded skeptic.” Gord has been interested in the “unexplained” for many years. Being married to a “sensitive” drove his curiosity and interest to further explore the paranormal realm. Over the years his work in the field has inspired a passion and interest that keeps driving him to discover more.
Outside of the paranormal, Gord's interests are old architecture, history and karaoke! Gord is married to teammate Karen, and together they have one daughter and a Cocker x Maltese named Furgus. 


Born and raised in Langley BC, Nikki has always lived in the lower mainland, and now resides in Surrey.  Nikki has been interested in the paranormal since she was a little child when an elderly woman would come and sit in her room at night and sing to her, comfort her.  As Nikki grew into adolescence, the paranormal activity around her grew in frequency and intensity.  At this time, she was also introduced into the metaphysical realm.  This is when she found out for sure about her “sensitivities” and telekinesis.

By the time she was a young adult, she had already experienced so much relating to the paranormal, both good and bad.   Nikki comes with a resume that includes working with various investigative paranormal teams and brings with her the knowledge learnt with each one.  Every place Nikki has lived, she has had ghosts follow her. Things will be moved around, sounds made, unexplainable happenings, being touched and even on occasion she will actually see her visitors.

Despite all of her personal experiences, she faces every moment as a skeptic first.  She will never assume that anything happening is paranormal, no matter how weird it may seem. When Nikki isn’t expanding her knowledge of the mysterious and unknown, you can usually find her at a coffee shop or the beach with a coffee and a good book. Her other hobbies include 8-ball, photography, videography, poetry, readying, collectibles and enjoying nature.

Nikki is also very close to her supportive family for who she can’t thank enough for all the love and guidance they have given her throughout the years. When the opportunity came for Nikki to become Co-Founder of Northern Paranormal Investigations, she knew it was the right thing for her to be doing and is happy to be living one of her dreams.

Bev moved to the Vancouver area at a very early age. She has always been aware of her special abilities to see, hear, smell and sense things, which others do not seem to be aware of. Raised in a family where such things, to say the least, were not encouraged, she quickly learned to suppress them. Later in life during times of spiritual turmoil and then again of spiritual learning, such abilities were still deemed, by others, not appropriate. It was not until Bev, Mike and family moved into a house that contained more than just the living, that it forced open the doors for discussion. Bev now enjoys meeting like-minded people and the journey to explore the fullness of her abilities. She considers herself to be a sensitive and with many years in the paranormal field. Bev continues to help both NPI and it's clients understand the unknown.  

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Born and raised in Vancouver, Holly has long had a keen interest in the paranormal. This was sparked by two unmistakable encounters at a young age. There is a never ending curiosity about what connects us with the other side.  Holly became an investigator in 2009 and feels fortunate to be able to share this activity with her husband Ken.

Despite her belief in the paranormal, Holly maintains a healthy scepticism during investigations. The evidence must be absolutely unmistakable to be believed as paranormal. While she appreciates the opportunity of investigating historical locations, she finds a particular satisfaction in helping clients who believe they are experiencing activity in their homes or businesses. 

Darryl was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, and is the youngest of three children. He has lived in British Columbia for over 30 years and has been involved in the steel industry for most of that time. Prior to that he lived in various places throughout Ontario. Darryl started investigating the paranormal as a result of his drive to discover the truths and/or untruths behind the causes of paranormal activity, also having had a few experiences that put him on course with the paranormal. Darryl is what some people call "sensitive" and has been known to see and feel things in ways others may not. He uses both his senses and technical equipment to investigate, and help people understand what they are experiencing & hopefully supply answers. As the founder of N.P.I.  Darryl brings a positive, professional, enthusiastic energy to the group, which is an asset to all our investigations. Darryl has been investigationg and researching the paranormal for more then 10 years now and has gained a lot of experience in the field. Having been both a member and lead investigator in various groups and Founder of NPI. He feels that with his entire team’s knowledge. N.P.I. is the group to look for when help and answers are needed.

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Karen was born in England and moved to Canada at the age of eight. Her interest in the paranormal started at a young age while in England. Having witnessed something unexplainable and being told it was “a child's imagination” set Karen on a course into the paranormal realm. Karen's time on the NPI team and her experiences over the years have made her a solid investigator and great addition to the team. Although a firm believer, Karen does bring an open mind to all investigations. She has the passion and respect to prove and disprove cases and causes of reported paranormal activity.

Over the years Karen has become aware of her sensitivities of clairsentience and claircognizance while taking a psychic development course with a well respected physic medium. Karen uses these abilities on investigations to help discover who might be present and what may be happening at a location. Karen was a Care Aide for over 15 years. She is married to teammate Gord and together they have one daughter. She enjoys travel, walks with Furgus the dog and Coronation Street.

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